When you have been in any line of work for a number of years it’s easy to think you have all the angles figured.  The business of interior design is a business of exceptions, rendering this theory moot.  While most clients tend to ask similar, or even the same questions, they all hear the answers differently. That said, certain truths stand up regardless of the location or situation affecting your project.  This blog strives to provide detailed explanations of issues common to the broadest range of job site conditions, but will also toss a saucy wink toward some fun, innovative products and ideas that will, with wit, illuminate those darker-corner design dilemmas!

Generally, I find one of the biggest disconnects between the client and the designer (or architect or contractor) is not knowing the right questions to ask…or, more appropriately, how to ask the question in a complete format.  Clairvoyancy is not part of our curriculum, but it’s amazing how good you get at it with practice!  Our first post illustrates this point beautifully.  A more direct and concise response would have been possible with a few specifics added to the question.  Of course you can’t always help being a bit tongue-tied (usually not a problem for me!), nervous, excited or just thinking faster than your speech; but it can cost you!

Take care, do your research and read on…

My crystal ball tells me the coming posts will be seen as opportunities for clarity in advance of chaos. If my vision holds true, and you’ve saved dollars or delays, I’ve completed my task (except possibly during a Mercury Retrograde)!  With that in mind, I will be posting a variety of client questions, fielded and responded to many times in my career.  The future holds answers.  I believe you will find them informative, definitive and sometimes even fun!

I look forward to your queries and your quagmires.  They are all part of the larger Discourse on Design!

Wishing you joy, while transforming your rooms into environments–