After talent, I am primarily selling my time; and there is a value attached to that. Whether I meet with a client in person or communicate electronically, there are only so many hours in a day to accomplish the tasks at hand. The presented answer you receive, often in seconds and with smooth professional confidence may have taken 5 emails and 3 phone calls to achieve. It may have taken a day or a week of back and forth with the vendor due to discontinuances, special order limitations…or even mis-recorded information. It may also have taken an unannounced, in-person visit to complete whatever the piece of business was. At its simplest, it may only require pulling your file, reviewing the information, checking something on-line, notating it on your order for future reference, letting you (and all related parties, i.e. contractor, architect, mill, upholsterer etc.) know the action taken and whether there is any action to be taken by you/them, following up on that with more calls or emails, then re-filing the document or folder. Even invoiced in 15-minutes increments (lawyers charge in 6-minute increments), this often doesn’t cover the time expended by my office on your behalf. And while you should (and deserve to) feel as though you are my only concern when we communicate, what you may not realize is that there often 3-4 other clients on my roster who feel the same way at the exact same moment!