Not knowing you, or the designers in question, this is a tough call. You say you liked the work in both instances, but what was the reason you didn’t go back to the first person? If it was because you felt you were “told what to do,” maybe these were not the right people for you to be working with? Interior design, in my opinion, is a collaboration. That said, I’d have to ask if you’re a decision-maker? If not, this could be the issue. I realize as a client that you may feel a lot of decisions are thrown at you in a short amount of time, however it does not behoove you or the designer to take a leisurely pace. Time costs YOU money. With construction, you run the risk of losing your workers to jobs with less down-time, and getting them back on site is often difficult, adding weeks to your completion date. If it’s about choice of materials, you have to understand that there are lead times, sometimes weeks, sometimes months before items of merchandise can be delivered. If you’re feeling pushed, it may be that your designer knows something you don’t (often the case, although I usually warn clients when a choice runs the risk of getting us off track) and she/he is only trying to save you time, money and aggravation. My sense is that something was not communicated to you in either case, something that would have made you feel more at ease about the process. Of course as designers, getting you from A to Z safely and happily is our goal. We just have to remember to bring you along for the ride!