A complete response to this question requires additional information.  Do you need/want a designer to arrange the materials you have selected?  If you already have drawings, hasn’t this been done?  Do you need the designer to approve your choice of materials?  Do you understand that it is illegal for most interior designers to act as the GC on your project?  The best I can do “within the rules” is to point out where I see issues with the installation to you (or to your architect).  I cannot point them out to the contractor.

For additional information on how much time this project would take, and what it would cost, please check out the Packages page on our web site.  You may also want to click on our brochure, Collaborate with Kent, located on our home page, which has a section on how long specific projects are likely to take.

I’ve provided a before/after example below to illustrate the types of materials to which I refer.