I don’t think anyone would dispute that today’s retailers do a terrific job of providing complete, easy-to-coordinate looks that you can take-home NOW.  That said, over time you either wind up in a sea of sameness (1 in 5 friends/relatives have that vase you loved or those sheets you thought were so special), or, you find yourself, over time, replacing items out of boredom, poor construction or changing fads (Remember Love Beads?  Olive Green Appliances! Pet Rocks? Memphis-style furniture?).

A retailer’s job is to SELL…to tempt

A designer’s job is to provide you with long-term value…with something out-of-the ordinary…with something unique to you…with something that supersedes fads and trends…with something that stays current and fresh this year…and five years from now.

A designer can also help you to solve storage issues, correct an uncomfortable architectural layout, improve lighting, guide you to the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams and help you to select and arrange furniture that you LOVE, not furniture you’re just ok with.

For your part, you have to be ready to trade-up or live into an environment with more permanence (and understandably, some additional expense). Maybe it’s because you buy a home?  Maybe it’s because you got a promotion?  Maybe it’s because your mother-in-law is coming for a month!  Often it runs parallel to improving the quality of your life along with your wardrobe, a new car or joining or club.  But it can also be because you’re ready to foster better conditions no matter where you live!

While I believe I’ve answered your question, you may also want to read the following segment, lifted from the on-line brochure on my web site.  It encapsulates a number of real-life situations that you may encounter and find you don’t/won’t wonder about until you’ve spent time and money that are not refundable!

Since you’ve posed the question, I trust you’ll continue to investigate…


In today’s world of easy-access design, quick-ship shopping and reality-based television, we believe that most people are, in fact, capable of completing a single room decorating project.

The challenge arises when you move on with your plans to an adjoining room, hallway or stairwell…sometimes months or years later; when you want to change themes, color ways or patterns; when you’re not finding that perfect print, or it doesn’t work with anything else in the room; when it “matched” in the store but doesn’t now in the bedroom; when you encounter exposed pipes or ill-located light switches; or when gaging the scale of your furniture, in relationship to the other elements in your space, begins to resemble a scene from Gulliver’s Travels!

None of which takes into account the distractions of a ringing phone, over-time at the office, effort at the gym, shopping, cooking, laundry and attention-deprived children or significant others.

Collaboration…and the coordinated whole

No one wants to look at a renovation or a piece of furniture and think “that was a mistake.” Our collective knowledge and experience with all manner of design challenges, and with all types of site conditions, allows us to consistently produce the best design results for your project.

Our Studio Staff is dedicated to the design of single-room successes as well as interconnecting interiors. We understand how to view your home as a whole, with an interwoven approach that coordinates all of the aspects required to complete your project.

Working together, based on the direction you provide –and augmented by our own imaginations we can effectively assess your unique circumstances and create a blueprint that reflects both your life and your lifestyle, which ultimately will transform your rooms into environments!