What a tense and confusing last ten days we’ve had on these Eastern Shores and beyond!  The ground-swell of support for victims of Sandy’s devastating path has been heartening, from the New York Marathon runners who headed out to Staten Island to the Emergency Relief Workers from Fire/Police/U.S. Marine Corps/FEMA to individuals who are driving car-loads of necessities out to affected areas like the Rockaways.
Pictures describe only part of what has been lost.  Eye witnesses tell me that they are left speechless and overwhelmed at the magnitude of loss of life and property, the smells and the heartbreak.
Please take a moment to contribute to their efforts by doing something small or large…or anywhere in between.
PURE WOW offers some terrific, easy and fun suggestions.  Find out more at http://www.purewow.com
If you live in Manhattan,  help the restaurants below 39th Street who lost a week of business along with equipment and perishables, by eating out…and eating often!
Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands affected, their families and all the amazing and wonderful people who are pitching in to help!
Our regular posts will return next week.
Until then, best thoughts,
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012


Get involved with Sandy relief

Now a week since the greatest local storm of our generation, the entire PureWow team would like to send our heartfelt thoughts to those readers and families who are still without power, heat or, worse, a home. If you are one of the fortunately warm and well fed, here’s how to help.

Where to Donate and Volunteer As the cold settles in, the biggest needs right now are blankets, coats, gloves, flashlights, batteries, cleaning supplies, toiletries, baby supplies, bottled water and hot, prepared meals. Our tip: Look into fast-acting, community-organized sites like Rockaway Recovery, Red Hook Initiative, Staten Island Recovers, the Lower East Side Recovers and Occupy Sandy. (Yes, members of Occupy Wall Street lead the latter, but regardless of any political views, they are actually one of the most efficient grassroots aid groups right now.)

What to Follow For immediate updates, search hashtags like #SandyVolunteer and #SandyHelp on Twitter.

Who to Text We’ve all seen how effective the text-to-donate model has been for the Red Cross (“REDCROSS” to 90999), and as worthwhile as it is, there are several other organizations–like the Salvation Army (“STORM” to 80888), the United Way of New York City (“RECOVERY” to 52000) and the Humane Society of the United States (“ANIMALS” to 20222)–that are also providing post-storm support to our city and coastlines.

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