Most projects begin, regardless of the eventual design or materials, with three primary intentions:

1) To improve your environment

2) To successfully complete your project

3) To help you make one of the biggest investments of your life in the wisest possible way

So I think your question is really, how do you achieve that; and I have a couple of  thoughts on the subject…


Hire the right team from the start, and spend what it costs to get the project done efficiently and correctly, the first time.

In addition to an interior designer, your project may also require the services of a qualified



-Decorative Painter


-Kitchen and Bath Specialist


-Mill worker


Designers need to know what you’re thinking to give you the best design possible.  Your job will go faster and more smoothly when decisions can be made quickly so it’s important to be organized.  With that in mind, you can prepare for your first meeting with your designer by:

-Collecting data on appliances, cabinetry, furnishings or materials you like

-Culling images from magazines and trade journals that inspire you and what you want your home to reflect

-Make a list of your least favorite colors. Your favorites will be evident

-Request samples of fabric, paint, stone or wood from agreeable vendors in your area

-Share your “ultimate” wish list, what does it look like, i.e. beach bungalow, city loft, log cabin…

-Be realistic about your time frame and your budget

-Understand the details of your Alteration Agreement (NY Metropolitan Area) or building policies

-If you’re in the suburbs, find out what your local codes allow

-Write down all the things you like and dislike about your current environment, pro and con

Doing your homework and being clear about what you want, when you want it…and how much you can afford to spend will get you off on the right foot with your designer and will bear fruit more efficiently and more quickly, which will make the client/designer honeymoon last into your golden years!