Certainly MJ! It’s not smoke and mirrors, but there is a recipe, just like when you bake a cake, or when you write code for a web site or a program like Studio Designer (a professional planning tool). There are steps to follow. That’s the easy part. The more complicated bit is knowing how to select the right components to create the “best” program or the “most delicious” cake. Often that takes skill and experience.

In the case of designing a room, I’ll want to be sure that the selected items of furniture fit the scale of the space. Does the arrangement compliment the size and shape of the room? Are the sofas deep enough (or shallow enough) to fit the people who will use the room the most? Are there small children or pets? Does the project require durable fabrics that can hold up under hard wear? Or is this a lightly used space where the fabrics can be more delicate?

There’s also lighting, traffic patterns, HVAC units and windows to consider!

That said, let’s begin with step one and see how a project comes together.

I. The Design Phase:

This consists of…

A) an accurate floor plan
B) 1-3 optional furniture plans

Today, let’s consider the floor plan. What would you do here? Give it some thought, and let’s see if YOUR solution matches OUR solution when we post the furniture plans next week!