Materials for all projects are selected based on who will be using the space…how often…and for what purpose.  One of the keys to an interesting design includes a mixture of surfaces, elements and textures.  Do you have metal?  Wood?  Glass?  Stiff fabrics?  Soft fabrics?  Leather?  Pattern?  Shine?  Matte?  Mirror?  How all of these options come together and in what form (large area vs. trim vs. accent) are what give any environment a “signature” look.

In grouping 1 we have:

Paint color for the walls and ceiling (center top), a fabric option for curtains in the living room and bed room (R) and two options for suede for the sofa (lower L), one for the body and one for trim

In grouping 2 we have:

A suede option and a gray flannel option for the dining chairs, and two wood samples (different finishes) to choose from for a custom table top

In group 3 we have:

Alternate fabrics for a sofa and a love seat (R) and a coordinated Greek Key pattern fabric for throw pillows (L)

Happy Holidays to everyone!!  As the world slows down and takes stock, we’ll be taking a break, returning January 2nd to pick up with selected options for items of furniture and accessories.

Until then…

PIPLIC Materials A_EditedPIPLIC Materials C_EditedPIPLIC Materials B_Edited