Welcome back…and welcome to a new year!! I hope 2013 brings you your hearts content.

Picking up where we left off, selecting materials for our project, today we’re going to look at selected items of furniture to fill out the space. There are literally thousands of vendors in the New York Metropolitan Area to choose merchandise from, which can be daunting, but I think we’ve found some good opportunities that provide comfort, good looks and additional storage.

One of the keys with my work is to combine a variety of materials and finishes, i.e., wood, metal, glass, plastic, smooth, rough etc. There’s a level of “tension” you want to maintain between these, yet, you want don’t want anything too jarring or to stand out. You’re aiming for a subtle tension…if that makes sense?

Let’s take a look at some of the options.  Next week, we’ll show you how we used the selections in the finished space.

PipitoneAudreySofa PipitoneBed PipitoneGlobalViews-2 PipitoneGlobalViews-4 PipitoneGlobalViews-3 PipitoneGlobalViews-7 PipitoneGlobalViews-5 PipitoneGlobalViews-6 PipitoneGlobalViews-8 PipitoneGlobalViews-9 PipitoneGlobalViews-10 PipitoneLexCoffeeTable PipitoneMetBubbleChandelier

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