So now all the parts have come together, seamlessly…or not, ending in a beautiful and inviting environment that you’ll want to spend time in, enjoying both celebrations and channel surfing with family and friends.

But like a Christmas list, we check our Process once…and then twice before we call a project “finished.” We mark off all the all steps we made, calling each complete, making sure we didn’t miss anything on the list below, taken from the Process Page on our web site.

Only when that’s done can we sit back and enjoy our creation!


Phase I: The Concept Phase

-The Scope of your project is defined
– A site survey is conducted of:
Your existing floor plan
Your existing furniture plan
Your existing items of furniture
– Alternate floor and furniture plans are drafted
– Custom cabinetry and appliance selections are discussed
-Additional materials; new furniture, window, wall and floor coverings are reviewed
-A color palette is devised
– A suggested budget sheet may be created

Phase II: Design Development Phase

-Revise and refine plans from Phase I
-Meet with the project architect and the contractor of record
-Shop for cabinetry, tile, stone and specific items of lighting and furniture
-Obtain detailed price quotes for each item
– Develop custom items of millwork and furniture

Phase III: Construction/Purchasing Phase

-Place orders for materials and items of merchandise; arrange for their delivery
-Work with the project architect and any specialty trades to coordinate and refine    electrical and audio-
visual plans; delivery schedules; tile and grout layout; cabinetry, wood-plank and solid surface
installation; hardware placement and the like
-Observe progress at the project site and confer with the client and the project architect

Phase IV: Installation Phase

-Accept and inspect all post-construction furniture deliveries
-Oversee installation of floor coverings and window treatments as well as the assembly of any
shelving, closet systems and built-ins not previously installed
-Arrange furniture according to the furniture plan
-Have new sheets and towels laundered and beds made
-Organize kitchen pantry and cabinets
– Shop for additional art, accessories or household items as required
– Unpack and place art, accessories and books

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