Great question SN…because that really is the next step. What will the project cost and how much of that is my designer’s fee?

Once asked however, it’s a little more difficult to answer without any hard facts on the case! Typically a designer’s fees, no matter how they actually charge them, run to approximately 1/3 of the total expenditure on services and materials. This could involve the design itself, working with an architect or kitchen and bath specialist or percentages on items of merchandise.

That said, here’s how we initially approach a project. We’ll offer a few other options over the coming weeks.



The Meet and Greet:

An on-site, no-fee*, initial meeting lasting one-half-hour provides you with an introduction to our staff prior to formalizing arrangements. The terms of our working relationship and appropriate compensation, based on the scope of the project may be discussed.

*No design direction is provided.

The Consultation Fee:

A flat amount, covering an in-person appointment to discuss your project in detail, offer ideas and discuss potential costs based on the scope of work. Consultations have a 90-minute minimum charge* up to 1000 square feet. Larger projects reflect larger minimums. One, 15-minute, follow-up phone call or two follow-up emails are included.

*not applicable to any future work

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