Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a while since the last post.  August to be exact.  Our plan for September was to have several guest bloggers sharing their own thoughts on design…as a slightly refreshed direction…

Well, promises were made…but delivery was short and as you’re well aware, this didn’t happen; but something else EXTREMELY unexpected, fun and joyous did!

Ask Kent and Co. was invited by Bilotta Kitchens to participate in their annual Art of the Table event.  In it’s third year, this popular table-setting frenzy took off and changed the course of history…at least for Design Discourse!  7 weeks of planning, scheduling, setting up, entertaining in and breaking down what essentially amounts to a designer showcase, overtook our lives…but in the best sense.

It unleashed a pent-up love for tabletop and tabletop design.  Something kind-of unexplored, yet not, when we looked through old pictures of holidays past here at Ask Kent and Co.

So while we believe the Discourse should continue…always…we were also feeling like we’d covered the waterfront and it was time for more than just a new direction.  It was time for a fresh topic of discussion altogether.

Enter TABLETOP IN OUR TIME, a new blog featuring tools, tips and tricks for beautiful table settings both for holidays and for every day.  We also hope to feature some trend-setters in the worlds of floral design and in stationery and invitations to provide a more well-rounded view of real-world entertaining.

This certainly isn’t goodbye.  In fact, we hope you’ll join us in our new space at askkentandcotabletop.wordpress.com and decide to follow us there too.

And, we hope you’ll continue to follow us here for continued, though less-often posted pieces that drive the Design Discourse and keep the juices flowing!



Photo by Francis Smith