About Ask Kent and Co.

Growing up I worked in my father’s upholstery and antiques shop. On weekends we went treasure hunting in flea markets and in small Missouri towns. I still have my first-ever purchase, a miniature Japanese export vase.

At the University of Kansas I majored in commercial art and fashion illustration; and later, at the Tobè-Coburn School for Fashion Careers, in merchandising and management. Two or three of my projects were archived in the New York City Public Library.

In London I worked for fashion and home furnishings trend forecaster Nigel French Inc., and in New York City, in production and public relations under the Bryant Park Tents.

As an independent professional in the late 1990’s I was mentored into interior design. Belatedly, I worked for a “name.” I quickly developed my point of view, trusting my instincts. I founded my own firm in 2000.

I’m intrigued by new materials. I love hardware stores. I get a charge out of the hunt. Color comes naturally to me. If you ask me my favorite, I’ll tell you it’s leopard
…followed by plaid!!!

There’s a domestic side to me too. I love old linens, cooking large meals and baking poppy seed cookies. An historic biography thrills me as much as flipping through Grohe’s Water Enjoyment!

I’m big on contribution. I co-founded a group for my peers, the Independent Interior Designers’ Forum and I sit on the Board of Directors for the National Kitchen and Bath Association. I was privileged, for four years, to be on the planning committee for the New York Home Furnishings and Design Organizations Coalition Summer Social that raised funds for local charities.

I believe in partnership, in collaboration, and in valuing my relationships. I try to bring joy, connoisseurship and an element of surprise to every project I engage in. I want everyone to be as excited as I am about transforming rooms into environments!

We invite you to check out our website http://www.askkentandco.com/


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